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We analyze the degree of maturity of your business in the face of cyber risks.

In an interconnected world, digital assets have become a very precious commodity. Therefore, it is not uncommon for cybercriminals to try to obtain an economic benefit from illicit means, whether through the ransom or theft of data.

Companies are very aware of the great value of their data and have not hesitated to establish mechanisms to protect them. However, companies often do so in way unfit to face a technological environment in constant disruption.

For this reason, at ICS 360 we analyze the real degree of maturity that your company has in the prevention of cyber risks and provide you with the necessary analyses to maximize the protection of your digital assets.

An adequate and perfectly defined cybersecurity plan helps to combat the incessant stalking of cybercriminals who may try to stay one step ahead of their potential victims.

Cybersecurity Assessment: Business Maturity

Study of Internal Maturity

We analyze the actual degree of maturity your business has in cyber risk prevention, in accordance with legal guidelines and international standards. In this initial phase, it’s also crucial to have adequate control over the human factor, often the weakest link in protecting digital assets, both at a personal and business level.

Supplier Analysis

Having appropriate service providers with the highest security and compliance guarantees can also make a significant difference in the field of cyber protection. This is especially important since a security breach outside of your company can result in irreparable reputational damage.

Establishment of Contingency Plans

The continuous and growing threat from cybercriminals not only necessitates a constantly reviewed and updated cybersecurity plan but also requires the availability of a contingency plan in the eventuality that all the protective measures taken might fail to prevent the emergence of a cyberattack, resulting in data ransom or theft.