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Working method

We accompany you throughout the transformation process, until achieving the results you had set.

We focus on practical results

We focus on practical results

We operate on the ground, with projects adapted to each company. For ICS 360, there are no two identical projects. In each case, we apply a roadmap completely adapted to the needs and demands of each of our clients.

Starting from an initial analysis, we seek to change the paradigm of your company by working to facilitate an inflection in the work culture of your business. We manage the internal changes until they are fully consolidated, and we share our expertise with you to achieve your goals and to ensure that the changes solidify and update over time.

We work with mixed teams to ripen the organization’s design through knowledge transfer. The combination of ICS 360’s resources with those of your company will allow us to achieve the best possible result within the assigned timeframe. We even resort to the support of external professionals, previously selected and validated by ICS 360 for their experience and capacity, when necessary.

Working method
Working method

The project management office is responsible for ensuring management control throughout the transformation project through four well defined areas.


Identify those areas that are susceptible to improvements, establish the necessary corrective actions, and supervise their implementation.


Fostering organizational awareness, training, and coaching, as well as knowledge transfer.


Definition of the regulatory framework for roles, various responsibilities, and the appropriate configuration of the dashboard.


Development of the project plan, its coordination, relevant monitoring, and appropriate reporting.