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Reputational security

We take care of one of the most important and valuable intangible assets of your company: your reputation.

Reputation is undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets. Consumers are reluctant to purchase products manufactured by companies with values contrary their own, which can also affect investors’ decisions.

Companies must always monitor their reputational status and be prepared to launch appropriate responses to potential attacks and the impact that the actions of third parties with whom they are directly or indirectly related may have.

Every company, regardless of its size or sector, must have a plan that contemplates potential attacks or reputational problems. 70% of attacks that compromise reputational value have a cyber origin.

We help you establish the necessary mechanisms so that your business reputation can withstand possible crises or attacks by third parties.

Comprehensive Reputational Defense Plan

Establishment of a contingency plan

Establishing how you are going to defend yourself against a reputational attack or crisis is the first step to successfully overcoming its emergence. For this, there must be a permanent and continuous analysis of the reputation of your business, so that it aligns with the type of target audience to which its products and services are aimed at, and to lay the foundation on which its adequate defense will be built upon.

Assistance services at the communicative level

Once the reputational contingency plan has been defined, it is crucial to carefully select how you are going to communicate it. For this, it is essential that your values and objectives have been adequately defined in the pre-established plan and, in turn, also have coherent spokespeople, who effectively reinforce the message the company is interested in transmitting and who can help you in this way to repair the damage received.