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Corporate intelligence

We gather, classify, analyze, and deliver relevant information about the different environments of your organization, both internally and externally.

The fundamental objectives of corporate intelligence are to facilitate decision-making in a company, help define its strategic orientation, and obtain relevant information through the analysis of open sources and social networks that allow for adequate crisis management.

Through reference maps segmentable in Big Data, we use Artificial Intelligence to establish interest and information transmission groups, analyze evolution processes, and study their progression over time

The systematization of all the information collected and the detection of potential areas of interest that may have gone unnoticed at first, such as unexpected connections between people, allows for informed decision-making.

We combine cutting-edge intelligence tools and our analytical capacity to identify risk information in compliance, international, and technology areas.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Counter-surveillance

Monitoring and Response

This service includes three well-defined phases. First, we carry out preventive work to avert the appearance of potential crises and minimize their possible risks. Secondly, if the crisis has already occurred, we carry out digital surveillance to monitor its evolution. And finally, we also establish the necessary protection measures considering the information collected in both the prevention and surveillance phases.

Digital Counter-surveillance

We identify possible targeted attacks by studying who is spreading negative information both for the continuity and the development of new businesses and what their possible motives are: activism, reputational damage, investment brakes, personal attacks against senior management, etc., to establish the appropriate counter-narratives. Thus, we introduce a very common digital layer in the marketing sector, but not so much in the corporate security area.

Risk Management

Timely anticipation of potential risks allows for better decision-making both when starting or participating in a business and when carrying out a capital investment. The information is often public, but you need to know where to look for it and how to approach it in a specific environment. A global, 360-degree view is what facilitates the most appropriate decision at each time, collaborating continuously with the internal security and compliance department.